Acts: May 2020

The Acts of the Apostles – a story of the early church discovering what it means to be church

As I was praying recently, asking God for direction and guidance as we continue to seek to live and grow as church in this time of physical distancing, God placed the book of Acts on my heart.

Acts recounts the story of the early church, beginning in isolation in an upstairs room, journeying with the disciples, Paul, Stephen, Lydia and others; as they seek to live out their faith in a divided & diverse world.

So if you are able and would like to, I invite you to join with me to pray, read and reflect on the book of Acts through the month of May. You’ll see a suggested guide on the back of this card. The guide includes some weekend ‘gaps’ to offer chance to catch up, further reflection, and space to breathe.

If you like, I also encourage you to study with others. Perhaps you can partner with a friend and talk on the phone every couple days about what you’re reading? Or share your thoughts as a house group if you’re part of one?

Additional Resources

Acts 16: a parable by John Searle

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