Welcome to the blog of me, Rev Dan Balsdon, a presbyter in the Methodist Church. I currently serve communities of Bognor Regis, Felpham and Westergate in West Sussex.

I’m passionate about enabling all God’s people to live lives of worship and service rooted and built in Christ, and seeking to live under God’s radically inclusive grace as kingdom community.

Rev Dan with wife, Louise and their two daughters

Before training for Methodist ministry I spent 6 years running SACREdplace, a Christian bookshop and resource centre based in St Austell, Cornwall. My favourite memories of this period are the encounters I had with people – Christian and non-Christian alike. The number of opportunities I had to share the love of God with strangers who had almost tumbled upon the place were astounding. this was a formational period for me, developing a love for pastoral work and contributed to feeling a call to ordained ministry.

On sensing God’s call to me to candidate for Methodist ministry, I went through the candidating process and then moved to Birmingham to training for 2 years at The Queens Foundation. On beginning circuit ministry in West Sussex, I continued my studies at Queens, completing a Masters Degree in Summer 2021.

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