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This is the blog of me, Dan Balsdon, Methodist minister in West Sussex, serving the communities of Bognor Regis, Felpham and Westergate.

Throughout the pandemic we’ve all been living differently and as Christians we’ve been worshipping and praying differently too as we navigate these unchartered waters together.

I’ve used my blog as a resource hub for signpost to worship and discipleship opportunties and as a source of encouragement in our faith, support in our discipleship and sustenance as Kingdom people – seeking to live together with lives of faith and hope in God.

Material for worship at home is available on Worship Resources
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In Peace & Hope, Rev Dan

Some of Dan’s most recent posts:

Mysterious Spirit

PDF Download Full text Today, 23rd May, is Pentecost Sunday. A day Christians will often remember the story we read in Acts 2 when the Holy Spirit is outpoured upon the disicples of Jesus like tongues of fire and 3000+ people joined the community of the saved, the followers of the way. This painting is … Continue reading Mysterious Spirit

Half-baked prayer

Video for further reflection Downloadable PDF Full text My prayer life is Rubbish.There isn’t enough of it.I never know what to say, or how to say it.My prayer list is always so long, and I never feel like I ever get to the end of it.I don’t know what to pray, or if I’m praying … Continue reading Half-baked prayer


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