Odd Socks

Do you have a place in your home where you collect odd socks?

We’ve a spot upstairs where they collect, some have been there for quite a few months, but we keep them, just in case we find the other one.

If we got rid of these then found the other ones, there would be no hope for them would there… unless you’re one of those people who are quite happy wearing odd socks of course!

In a posture of hope odd socks find themselves belonging with other socks that didn’t belong.  

God’s Church can be a bit like a bunch of odd socks.
People who unexpectedly find they belong.

Churches are not meant to be places where you find matching pairs of Christians.
Churches are diverse spaces filled with people that represent ever corner of human diversity – who find belonging because they find Jesus.  

In John 10:9 we read Jesus say:

‘I am the gate. Whoever enters by me will be saved,
and will come in and go out and find pasture.’

Come and find Jesus, enter through his gate – and you will be saved.

You can come in and go out – Jesus gate is not an entrance to a prison, but entering a space and life of freedom.

In that freedom find pasture – be nourished and fed, strengthened and encouraged.

Jesus’ Church is an open field and Jesus is the open gate.

There’s always space to welcome you.

Church looks a bit unusual to everyone right now – social distancing, face coverings, no singing, meeting in 2’s and 3’s in gardens and parks. We all feel a bit like odd socks – not sure quite what the future holds.

So even if you feel a bit like an odd sock, don’t let that put you off. You too can enter through Jesus’ open gate and discover the freedom Jesus has for you.

There’s always space to welcome you.

If you want to know what’s happening among your local church – do get in touch.

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2 thoughts on “Odd Socks”

  1. We specialise in odd socks for Andy! That tells us something about him rather than the socks! Despite that, he’s always felt completely at home in churches of all denominations. That tells us much about a loving God who even accepts odd socks and finds a place where they meet up with the rest of the world on God’s terms, not the world’s.

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