Testimony Thursday: Finding Stillness

Inspiration struck during on our ‘one-walk-a-day’ this week while on the beach – so here’s a quick video of some ‘off-the-cuff’ thoughts from me, with some further reflections bouncing off what I recorded below.


While on the beach, watching the waves gently lapping onto the shore, I was reminded of the familiar words:

Be still, and know that I am God.

Psalm 46:10

There’s so much ‘stuff’ around us, the cacophony of data, reports and news through the media, concern for well-being during this time of isolation, emotions and feelings are, for some of us at least, feeling a bit unstable – at times we’re ok, at other times we may be anxious, uncertain, worry panicked even.

Many of us have been enaging with a different pattern of life. I’ve found myself in a totally different pattern of life and ministry, doing things differently, and this week I’ve found things a little quieter, a little more stable, a little less panicked and uncertain. I feel like a pattern and rhythm for a new routine has begun to settle in for me.

While stood on the shore, I felt challenged that this time is a time to find stillness. This is a time we’re doing chruch differently, and a time we’re ‘doing’ differently, but also a time to ‘be’, to rest, to have permission to do less, to be still and rest in the presence of God, knowing that God is God.

Isolation and Easter

As we prepare to enter Holy Week in a way that it’s probably fair to say none of us have done before – Easter is going to look different for us, and largely we’re going to be isolated from each other.

I’ve been struck as I look ahead, at how isolated Jesus must have been on his journey to the cross. The was with people, at times crowded around him, but only he knew what was coming. In Gethsemane he pleaded, ‘take this cup of suffering away from me, yet not what I want but what you want.’.

As we approach Holy Week and Easter, wherever we are, whatever we are doing, isolated through we are, let us take opportunity to experience Easter differently, by being still, resting in God’s presence, knowing God is God.

Share your story

Where has God been in your week?
Where have you seen the goodness of God?
Where have you sensed God’s presence?

Comment below and share your stories of God with us, in us and among us.

4 thoughts on “Testimony Thursday: Finding Stillness”

  1. God has been in my life through the help and phone calls from people this week. Kindness of a person who rings up each week asking us if we want any shopping done. Phone calls to people with a laugh and a great conversation. God has helped me to stay strong, because I am a person who is not allowed out, only too walk in the Garden. For a person who likes being in different places, I have struggled with this. But I know I have to be strong!!


  2. Thanks Dan. I’ve found God’s strength & encouragement via the internet! I give Him enormous thanks for all our technology. This week I have ‘attended’ morning prayer at Cliff College with 2 of my friends from BRMC. I worship on Sunday mornings ‘with’ my son and many old friends at my old Church in London. I join in mid morning bible study at another London Church I was connected to and I join the Taizé monks during their evening prayers. Throughout these times the psalms have been read, dissected and prayed and for me (who has always said “I’m not a lover of the Psalms “) God has spoken many times to me through them and I am SO becoming a lover of them! What I have heard above all else is this…….no matter what has changed GOD IS STILL GOD. He is the only one in our lives who hasn’t changed. Seek Him, seek refuge in Him. He is our God in whom we can trust. It is His faithfulness that is our shield.
    Have a blessed day. Debbie Dean.


  3. Hi Dan,
    Thank you so much for todays thoughts on stillness. I have started to use stillness and isolation to try to get closer to God, and especially as we enter Holy Week and knowing I shall be alone for Easter, I am grateful for the time to walk with Jesus and then rejoice when he is risen.


  4. Thanks Dan for the message, my thoughts are, be still, it’s the time for us to think what’s the meaning of our lives, how can we from original life become extraordinary life.


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