Testimony Thursday: Turned Soil

Turned Soil: Where has God been in your week?

Many in my churches will know that this year is a ‘Year of Testimony’ across the Methodist Connexion and we’ve been sharing stories of God at work among us in recent weeks.

I want to encourage us to continue to see and speak about where God is speaking and working among us now, during this time of distance and isolation, because even though we may be distant from each other, God is not distant from us.

Many in my churches will know that a sermon illustration from my garden is often not far away, and on Sunday afternoon, I took the plunge to dig the veggie patch. It was covered in weeds and very much not ready to do any planting! But I turned it, fork by fork, pulled the weeds out, moved any stones I found, and broken down the chunks of soil so that it is now ready for me to start some planting.

For me – God spoke to me through that process, about how church and ministry might look now.

For me, much that was familiar and growing has sadly gone, almost all the weekly routine I took for granted has been turned on it’s head. Yet I’ve had a really strong feeling that God has been saying there’s now potential for new ground to be tilled, new planting to be done and new growth to be seen.

I am about to do a new thing;
    now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?
I will make a way in the wilderness
    and rivers in the desert.

Isaiah 43:19

This week God has been saying to me, reminding me, that while life and ministry feels like it has been turned on it’s head, while I miss seeing people and already long to be able to communicate without using phone, email or other technology, God has not turned on his head.

God is still as present as ever, and even in the chaos and uncertainty, is able to do new things, and will do new things in me, and I pray, in us as we journey through this together.

God is with us, and will make a way through the wilderness – do you perceive it?

Where has God been in your week? Comment below and share your stories of God with us, in us and among us.

6 thoughts on “Testimony Thursday: Turned Soil”

  1. I’m using Nick Fawcett’s ‘Daily Prayer’ time with God book this year and found God’s voice particularly present in Wednesday’s prayers concerning Calling. Using Mary’s acceptance of her calling to be the mother of God – ‘let it be to me just as you say’, Nick Fawcett suggests we often respond ‘who me?’ when we are called – but God ‘wants us to become part of his people and to use us in the work of his kingdom’. In these challenging days we are called to to be church in different ways, to reach out within the constraints to our neighbours and community. Nick quotes from 2 Timothy 1:7 ‘God did not give us a spirit of cowardice, but rather a spirit of power, love and self control’. A message that has inspired me not to be downhearted in this crisis but to use the power God gives us to be open to the many ways we can still help.

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    1. Thanks Hazel, it can be hard to say ‘let it be’ sometimes, especially now, thank you for reminding me that in saying let it be we open ourselves to new potential.


  2. I want to say a heart felt thank you f or your blog this morning. I have never done anything like this before .I will now with Gods help muddle along till the instructions are in my head..I am inspired and will read all the others till I am up to date. Thank you and God Bless You.

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  3. This week we have seen our prayers answered. Following Foreign Office advice, our family had to leave China in a hurry and have been staying with us. A few days ago, they felt that it was the right time to return to work. The only flight available was via Hong Kong. They flew out on Monday, arriving in Hong Kong on Tuesday. On Wednesday the Hong Kong government banned all transit flights. The family arrived in Shanghai and were isolated and tested. They were so worried that, by staying with us they could have passed on the virus. We were worried about what would happen to them if they tested positive. God has answered our prayers. They were treated well by the Chinese authorities and all the tests were negative. They are now in isolation in their own home. I want to thank God for answered prayer. I feel that He has been telling me to trust him more and not rely on my own understanding of our current situation.

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    1. When. I thought I wouldn’t., be able to see my family, my whole extended family bought me. A lap top for my birthday, and now I can face time them.
      I have felt god present with me when I pop in to st.nicholas church for 10 minutes every day. And when I can then go down to the beach and feel the wind on my face and watch the sea.
      Or God,s presence is round about us and will never fail us.

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  4. It has been a good time to contemplate and allow our lives to slow down. Like Dan, I have spent more time than normal in the garden and so I have been watching the newts in our pond. Although they can move at great speed when needed, they do spend most of their time just lazing in the water. God reminds us to be still and know that he is with us whatever the circumstances.


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