God of all time

God of the past,
As we remember our past,
As we share our stories,
May we be encouraged,
As we remember all you have done among us.

God of the present,
As we think about our present,
As we share what we value and love,
May we be drawn together,
As we acknowledge all that you are doing among us.

God of the future,
As we look ahead to our future,
As we share our hopes and dreams,
Excite us and inspire us,
As we come together and think of who we could be.

God of all time,
We give this time of discernment to you.
Unite us by your Spirit,
Use us, speak to us and challenge us,
Help us, as we listen for your voice.

(C) Rev Dan Balsdon 2019, initially written as a daily prayer for Felpham Methodist Church’s ‘Celebrate 80’ process of development plan review.

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