What is Testimony?

For this week’s Testimony Thursday I think about Testimony as stories of God interacting in our lives, and share a glimpse of one of the places I see God at work in the lives of individuals and community during lockdown.

A big thumbs up – thank you to Bognor Methodist for allowing to space to be used, and all of you for the way you give, and pray for the work of Foodbank – and the many other groups and organisations, local and international, seeking to support the vulnerable and most in need at this time.

For me, these acts of co-operation, giving, sharing, supporting, shows that the church cares about our community, and the lives of those who live in it.

the church cares about our community,
and the lives of those who live in it.

Even though lockdown has meant many of us are unable to get out at do much, we’ve still got opportunity to see God at work around us.

So what’s your story of God at work around you?

Comment below and share – I’d love to hear from you!

7 thoughts on “What is Testimony?”

  1. We have a tame blackbird in our garden. It even goes into Ken’s shed and sits watches him. This wee k we have observed him feeding his young on our lawn and then teaching them to feed themselves. The care and patience of the adult bird is wonderful to see. It made us think about the way God cares for us. Even in these disturbing times, when awful things are happening, God can give us peace in our hearts if we trust Him and continue to pray for the many people in need of our prayers.


    1. Reading this comment alongside Lynne’s, it sounds like nature is taking over – wonderful! Hearing these stories where nature and humanity are seemly connecting in new, deeper ways makes me feel a sense of harmony in God’s world becoming a deeper and stronger reality. Blessings, D


  2. This week I ‘met’ Giorgio.
    Feeling a bit down as I started my beach exercise early one morning, I noticed a man – trousers rolled up, standing in the sea. Suddenly he opened his mouth and started singing opera at the top of his (excellent) voice !! What a wonderful spiritual moment, truely God given. It cheered me up no end.


    1. What a moment that must have been – God’s gift just when you needed it. I’ve had similar moments where God provides just what I need when I need it recently, wonderful and encouraging when God show’s he knows us, how we feel each moment of each day. Blessings, D


  3. It’s my fox who cheers me up. I always fed it about 7.30 until it became too light and I had to wait till seagulls were in bed. But fox had a different idea. At 7.30 she(?) comes and sits in garden like a dog begging. I go out to feed her and she used to run off and come back when I was safely in the house. This week she has stopped running away and sits and waits patiently till I go back in before she goes for the food. I am trying to be as trusting and patient as my fox! Without her example I would have had a bad week as lock down starts to erode my optimism and stretches me to the limit. So, it’s ‘thank you God for my fox’.


    1. Sounds like nature’s talking over in your garden Lynne. Hope the neighbours don’t mind! Your testimony here says something to me about how trust is not always an instant thing, but can take time and work to both foster and sustain. Blessings. D


  4. I have felt the presence of God very much over this weekend. We are so grateful for him placing us in this house and closing the door on 4 others in this same road.So thankful for our wonderful kind and caring neighbours and for our loving Church family who we feel we have known for ever and it isn’t even 3 years yet!!! We have so much to thank you for God

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